alt. post-punk. pop.

SALT have an emotional intensity using a wide variety of influences. Powerful, broody, eclectic and dark. Like Nick Cave meets the Fall meets the Pixies. Dirty guitars, broody bass and exhilarating drums backup an emotional eclectic vocal that entices you into the fairytale on fire that is SALT.

Daring to be vulnerable and confident enough to crush your soul!



Lead Vocalist

ex member of Ruby Suit



Drummer and keyboards




ex member of Vatican shotgun Scare




ex member of the Ruby Suit


A wee bit about our past, present and future.

SALT have been going for just over one year. They are a four piece band made up of guitar,drums,vocals and bass. They are very much an independent band, in that they record, write and produce all their own work. SALT feature members out of two bands from the late 80s’, the majestic pop band “The Ruby Suit” and the noisey post punk band “Vatican Shotgun Scare”.

Having supported Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade) and appeared at the Edinburgh showcase event Fresh Produce, SALT are building up a local following.

SALT are very prolific, they have already released an album called "Kicking back the Guilt"

SALT are a real alternative band, composing real songs. Combining the song writing talents of the whole band, the end result is always something new. Powerful, dark and emotional. Like a Nick Cave duet without Nick Cave. The mix from punk, rock and indie into fused jazz pop – the emphasis is always on emotion. Pass the SALT or rub it into your wounds, the result is of the earth!

SALT are releasing abrand new EP called Junk on Feb 28th. Have a listen below.

Salt is Dancing


Next gig

Posters from previous gigs, artwork by Sharon Woods

Our EP Junk, release date 28th Feb 2020

Debut album - released 2019, "Kicking Back the guilt"

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