There is something very special about Salt. The band are like an undiscovered classic post-punk band from back in the post-punk wars like those Japanese soldiers who guarded isolated islands in world war two and were still there decades later before being discovered. This is no bad thing if you are good as Salt who take the whiff of the Banshees and go on to explore their own vision. They are machine tight and deliver songs full of a macabre imagination and emotional discord with their charismatic front-woman dressed in full tartan commanding the stage with a theatrical soul power. John Robb - Louder Than War

Recently been played on Craig Charles's' BBC Radio 6 show. SALT are very prolific and embarking on their third album for HX Records. First album recorded pre lockdown was Cellophane it is available via Rough Trade and cool record shops. This album was blue vinyl, a bit of a rarity. We dont have any left! Second album was "Fairytale on Fire", message us for a signed copy. It is available on Bandcamp here.

As part of promotion HX Records commissioned a documentary by New York award winning director Dylan Mars Greenberg. She's just done a video for TV's Michael C Hall's band. He was Dexter. The DVD “Below the Charts” was released by Rough Trade, more info here.

Here is a promo video that you can watch with a full concert.

A video of SALT song Tumbleweed.

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How dare you?

Live photography by Graham Macindoe

During the second lockdown SALT were approached by Animal Farm Music to release a series of three songs digitally. We recorded the songs and they mixed and produced them. After Cellophane HX Records wanted to do a follow up. So we embarked on "Fairytale in Fire". This album has been more purposeful and has our best songs. We still record ourselves, Robin has progressed his recording technique. Endless youTube videos have helped here. Doing everything ourselves means the recording process is as much a creative process as the song writing.

HX Records suggested getting a famous "name" session musician involved in a couple of songs. SALT were introduced to Sal Bernardi who played harp on the songs Cold White Hands and Dust.

HX Records have recently released a double album called "Une Rue Vers l'arrire", aimed at the french market. It is a compilation of both albums.

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A wee snap shot of our press


Thanks to a sense of melody above the rest, a production of great beauty and a talent that sweats and leaves no chance for doubt, the duo immerses us in a musical break that will immediately have an effect on you as it is beautiful. Full review here

Find No Enemy said - "Boxcar | Unfiltered"

Scottish based post-punk group SALt are defiant and raw in their style and substance. On ‘Boxcar’, the groups affinity for crafting effortlessly addictive and engaging riffs is made more than evident. Sharon Woods distinctive vocal performance, rekindling the life and fire of the frenzied and dark sounds of the 90s serves to create a wholly manic rollercoaster of a rock tune that’s scintillating from back to front. Full review here

HAVOC Underground said - "FIERY AND ANTHEMIC!"

Overall, this is a track that's easy to leave on repeat. It looks like the band has been busy recently, releasing a string of catchy singles and a full length in the last couple of years. We're not sure what they have planned next, but we can't wait to hear more. Full review here

Fruit Sonic said - "Beauty Of Post-Punk"

SALT embodies the beauty of post-punk dub with the heavy, clear-eyed focus of “Suffocate”. The sound weighs a ton for they bring in so much bass into the mix. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for theirs is a sheer force of nature. Everything here works. Her voice ties it altogether featuring a bit of bliss about it. Beyond the punk ethos, they incorporate a degree of twee pop that enters into the equation. Vocals weave it together in a way that feels cohesive. Full review here

The Drowned Rat said - "Cellophane, a great album!”

If this band were a seasoning I would say chilli rather than salt with their spicy guitar hooks and sultry vocals. The album Cellophane is the first release on HX records. The opening track “Junk” is very reminiscent of Skunk Anansie + Placebo with a sprinkling of Blondie. Full review here

Edgar Allan Poets said -"Discovered these guys on Spotify - Cellophane"

An honest, solid album that follows a coherent thread, all the songs are interesting and are inspired by the great bands of the past. An irreverent way of making music that has no boundaries that raises the middle finger to the commercial music made of plasticized beats and voices with autotune. Full review here

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SALT band Edinburgh

Cellophane Album

Acid Smile

Last Night at the Gallows (new version)

Birdcage (new version)

Suffocate - benefit single for Medical aid to Palestine"

I Want it all (Life's a Bitch)"